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Systems replace chaos and for most things the systems exist somewhere already

Acorn Newsletter by Jim Cathcart

Hear this message straight from Jim!

The progression of facts is as follows: Data becomes information when it is organized. Information reveals knowledge when it is applied. Knowledge leads to understanding when it is studied, and Understanding reveals Wisdom when it is examined carefully. Whenever you are faced with confusion a good starting place is organization. Just start organizing all the data into groupings and categories. As you do this it will become useful information. Then you can apply that information to reveal the knowledge it holds for you. For example: If your finances are too challenging, then start organizing your records. List all the sources from which you get income. List all the bills and then group them by type. Notice the patterns and see what this information can teach you. You may see immediate ways to reduce expenses or to increase income. For every problem we face, somewhere there is already a system for dealing with it effectively. Look for the solutions that already exist.
Systems are the habits of organizations. Form the habits that work for you. 

N U R T U R E   Y O U R   N A T U R E

by Jim Cathcart

Borrowed From Jim's website: www.Cathcart.com

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